That's what it looked like from the ground



We have a HOME PAGE!!!

*entire crew in control room jumps up and claps hands*

Hello dear visitor,

Welcome to our brand new home page!
On this site we will publish the status of our project and will keep you updated with news, pictures, videos and even financial statements, to give account on everything we spend while working for the project.


If you have ideas, suggestions or critique, please drop us a line at:

or leave a comment below!

Please be patient with us if this website still looks a bit unfinished! It has just been launched and will grow with time. Some of the next things you will find during your next visits are:

- A Forum section (BuddyPress?)
- A functional Media Section with Pictures and Videos
- More blog posts of course
- A grown FAQ
- An Impressum
- An onsite donation counter (have you seen anything fancy like this recently?)
much much more!

Now please watch all of our content and consider a little donation to make this project a reality!


P.S.: Credits for the awesome music in the teaser goes to:

101 - i follow rivers remix instrumental

Kojo Beatz - Rapbeat 49_Dubstep Edition

Seven7hwave - Brain Zaps . Have a look at his free to use music and give him some love!


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