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Today I improved our site a little bit more by adding this splendid QR-Code in our Donation section. It always shows the total amount donate to date to us. Please always check whether the address displayed (in text or QR-code) is the same you can see here in our thread over at!

Till we have raised enough funds to afford an SSL certificate for our domain a possible attacker could insert his own address instead. So better go check!

QR-Code to Scan bitcoin:1MuNPrfNMho5UP9312m3idzauwaCi57fLe

Donated to date:


Thanks alot for the QR-Code, generated at !
Credits for the Donation Counter go to:


Apart from those gimmicks we now have a Contact page as subpage of our also NEW Imprint page. Check out our BRAND NEW Code of Conduct page as well!!

So many improvements 😮

The only things missing to make this site complete is a Media subpage and Forum section!
Stay tuned B-Boys and B-Girls, lets see what else we have in store..

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