Monthly Statement: March, April [Picture]

One of the many interview locations: Vienna's Metalab

Dear Supporters,

This is the first of many statements to come for this project. As promised all expenditure will be made public. Attached to this post is the public version of our book keeping for the month of March and April and our 3 trips to Vienna, Bratislava & Vienna, Berlin & Herford. After a couple of weeks of no to few expenditures we just had a very productive but also expensive period from late March to midst of April in which we conducted 11 interviews in 3 countries and 4 cities: Vienna (AT), Bratislava (SK), Berlin and Herford (DE).

A first teasers will be released this week (if our cutter doesnt hurt herself;)

Please have a look at this statement to get an idea of what we spend your money on and what things cost in a project like this. As always, we try hard to cut costs whereever possible by using the equipment our uni provides us with, use our own cars if possible, stay over at supporters and friends houses while we are away and to eat cereals and bottled sausages (yes, they are very good and healthy in Germany!). But still a trip to lets say Bratislava for a couple of days to conduct 3-4 interviews amounts to roughly 1200 EUR. We are planning to make a couple more of those and will be back in Bratislava by the end of this month (because thats where our main character lives..) to interview some more people from around the area. After that we will travel to the UK in May and have a look at the local community, cant say too much now, just so much: Its gonna be exciting! So pls stay tuned and keep the donations coming!

P.S.: For added security, we have installed SSL encryption on our site now, so dont worry: Donation Addresses and other sensitive content are correct and save!



Outgoings March to April.xls


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