66.6% OFF!! -Massive SALE due to Price Appreciation-

Hi B-Boys and Girls!

Im happy to announce that we just dropped our donation thresholds by 66 %.

This is because of the recent rise of Bitcoin's exchange rate over the past weeks, as everyone of you will surely have noticed. So becoming part of history by promoting this Docu with your donations has never been that cheap!

What cost 1 BTC before only costs 0.3 BTC now, what cost 25 BTC before only cost 8 BTC now and so on. So better donate quickly before price rises again! 😉

All our former donors of course keep their Thank You Presents and status. The same would be true in case of a readjustment of prices on our site as result of price depreciation! The time of donation is important, not the exchange rate.

Why didnt we gradually lower the prices on here during the Monster Rally you ask?

Well, our plans to become rich on what we had didnt work out quite as planned, so yes:

Pls let the donations come and check back daily from now on because we will have something new in here almost every day!"


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