Bitcoin Expo London 2013


Sorry for the abysmal communication on my end 😛
We have kept our uni intern dead line recently and handed in a 50 min version of the movie with some interviews but excluding the story plot and animations. We actually received mark 1.0 which is the best possible result from our professor who is in charge of the local Media Production Institute,  so I guess we are on the right track :D.

I would like to let everybody know that work on this movie has been going on constantly during the beginning of March and is nearing completion as far as interviews and following our main character's storyline go. I would have liked to post more of our material but have been very busy with my academic duties as well as organizing and executing this project throughout the year. Nevertheless, we have lined up 2 more interview trips this year: The first one will take us to the London Bitcoin Expo 2013, where we will be filming the preparations and expo that our main character is organizing (have you guessed yet who it is.. ???) and seize the occasion to interview some of the celebrities and their projects there, such as Richard Stallman or the Trezor Guys. I hope to release some raw footage soon thereafter. The next trip in early December will take us to Switzerland, more on it when the time draws near. If you can make it, pls come and meet us in person!


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