Update: Interview with Jean C. Schwaab and Thomas Weibel [Pic inside]

We went to the Swiss Parliament, the Bern Bundeshaus to meet Mr. Schwaab that lodged a rather sceptical postulate to the parliament and while we were at it, ran into Mr. Weibel that wants to bring the Swiss government to accredit Bitcoin with official "Currency Status" with his very own postulate, both signed by a few dozen parliamentarians. The interviews were quite fruitful and we made use of the grand setting of the Wandelhalle hall, in between the parliamentary sessions. Both answered the same questions and put forward their educated points of view. It turned out Mr. Schwaab was cautious but not at all anti-Bitcoin as one could pressume from his postulate. Both gentlemen acknowledged the need for the Swiss financial sector to innovate and provide sufficient space for this new technology to florish. On the other hand concerns such as money laundering and speculative repercussions -if large parts of the Swiss populace or financial entities were to suffer from a bubble bust- were on top of their agendas. The best parts of this discussion will make it into the movie and an extended version will be made available soon for donors in the exclusive digital content section. The next two days hold more interviews in Switzerland for us, so stay tuned for more updates!

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