Recap: Switzerland trip [Pics inside]

vlcsnap-2013-12-21-13h51m35s61Parlamentarian Thomas Weibel who want's to make Bitcoin an officially recogniced currency in Switzerland

Parlamentarian Jean Christophe Schwaab who set out to ban Bitcoin (both interviewed).

20131211_142005Taking pictures and Cut away footage

Zürich riverside view


vlcsnap-2013-12-21-13h20m21s136Zürich town

minerAccording to the man, Switzerland's largest mining operation


20131217_185232Visit at Bitcoin Swiss AG in Baar (sorry for my shaky cell phone pic)

20131216_160955German Wolpertinger (beware!)


20131217_160600Interviewing Mike Hearn on Zürichsee shore.


Some pics were taken with cell phone, some from camera footage. All unedited.

This trip was definetely a success. We got alot of quality interviews and good footage of physical Bitcoins, Litecoins and the mining farm (and of course of scenic Swiss towns). This trip concludes our some dozen scheduled trips all across Europe. More with 20-30 interviews and of course our main character who we followed around for 9 months. Maybe one or two other trips may come up if some quality interviews can be arranged in the coming months, among possible interviewees are the European Central Bank, the German Federal Police (BKA) and Julian Assange with who's secretary I have been in touch and which current residence in London we payed a visit.

The following steps to take are to produce a quality teaser that uses our material and showcases what the final movie could look like and to seal a deal with some professional studio to do the editing and post production which lays ahead and will hopefully be finalized by late Spring next year.

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