About this Not-for-Profit Project:

This movie is going to be a collaborative effort of all the supporters and followers that contribute in making this documentary reality. It's going to be the first feature length documentary that focusses primarily on Bitcoin and it's community. This ambitious venture shall provide an overlook over some of the most interesting aspects of Bitcoin and give a good understanding of what Bitcoin is and how it works, without getting too technical for the general audience.
It uses skills and knowledge of an able crowd in a way that everyone that wants to be part of the project has the chance to shape its final form by posting in forums, voting on polls or contributing own material and work.

This will be the FIRST Bitcoin documentary and it will be 100% Bitcoin funded.

The final product, as well as many unused footages, will be made freely available under a free-to-use license.


About our Philosophy:

This project tries to employ the open and manifold spirit of Bitcoin and Open Source in general.We would like to give everyone the ability to express one's opinion and be part in creating this movie.
The implications and going ons of the Bitcoin world are important and should be brought to light of a broader audience.
With this notion in mind, the best way to do it seems a public and open approach to harness creativity and pluralism of the Bitcoin crowd as well as to show the opinions and ideas of many external experts, not part of the Bitcoin scene. Those who have opposing opinions and positions about Bitcoin should be portrayed with equal importance to start a hopefully fruitful and also interesting discussion. We don't want to make a commercial for Bitcoin with this movie, because nobody would want to watch it. We want to make an interesting movie that has pro and contra in equal parts to shine a light on this whole complex from every possible angle. In the end, our movie should be able to stand the test of a neutral audience and pass.


About Us:

Im a Student of "Applied Media Science" at Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany. My course of studies consists of theoretical elements of film (and other media) production, as well as practical ones. I have taken part in several film projects during my 3 years there on set and in the Marketing Department of a larger production.

My team consists of 4 students, doing their Master's Degree in "Media Technology", all have prior experience in practical film production and theoretical knowledge.

Our campus is equipped with the most up to date devices and infrastructure neccessary for recording and editing movies. All of witch are available to us. Different film projects are currently being developed there which an able community of young film makers, that can contribute to this project if need arises.

So we got the Know How, the Equipment and the Support to make this documentary reality. The only thing missing is MONEY!

To stay with the spirit of the Bitcoin project, I decided to raise funds exclusively with Bitcoin from the community that it comes from in the most transparent and open way possible instead of asking private or governmental film promotion funds to give me the money under some restrictive licenses.

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