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While this project tries to fund itself mostly from voluntary donations, we would also like to harness some sponsored funds to make it happen, just in case 😉

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This being the first feature length documentary solely focussing on Bitcoin, we expect a large audience from the Bitcoin scene. These are people that have had prior contact with the topic and take a genuine interest. Many of which use Bitcoins in the new economy to spend daily on goods and services with their favorite medium of exchange!

By being part of this community project, you can show your devotion to bringing this hot topic to public attention and enabling the Bitcoin community to voice it's ideas in a respected medium.

The braoder audience will consist of people that have their first contact with Bitcoin by watching this documentary.

The first impression is always the most important one. By supporting this movie, we make sure that your company is mathced side-by-side with the first memories of this exciting new technology! Have a look at our compelling opportunites and consider to become official sponsor of this project!
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