Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct regarding Sponsorships

Thank you for considering a sponsorship to support this project!

Below are our guidelines layed out, regarding what you can expect as a sponsor and what cannot be granted in order to keep this project neutral in regards to its content and policy.

The rights and services offered to the sponsors by the persons responsible for the project (see Imprint) are limited to those displayed on site (see For Sponsors) and layed out in contract documents.

All rights and services will be honored to the best of ability by the persons responsible for this project.

Rights and services granted, however must never extend into creative decision making processes or policy making regarding contents of the movie, website or any other publication asociated to this movie. This is to preserve creative freedom from external interests, such as favourable representation or mention in movie, website or any asociated publication.

The leaders of this project reserve the right to revoke any sponsorship and asociation with this project if breach of good faith or severe breach of contractual agreements regarding sponsorship is evident.

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