F. A. Q.

Can I use your movie for my own project?

Yes! You will be fully able to utilize every bit and piece of what we release for your personal, corporate or otherwise oriented projects! Everything will be released under a free-to-use license to enable maximum freedom. You can publish, edit, sell, delete or do whatever you want with everything you find among our footage! Please see the license agreements for further information, once we have decided which one suits this project best.

Do you really only accept BTC for donations?

Yes, really.

If you dont want to donate with BTC you can still support us by spreading the word, contributing your own work or writing your favorite interviewee.

How are funds kept save?

When the main savings address was created, the only entities present were a Linux Live USB, bitaddress.org saved to file, true crypt, a printer and I. By the time the first withdrawal from that address will be made, battle hardened security of the  Armory in conjunction with a virgin, network card disabled laptop will be used to keep funds under high security. Offline transactions from this laptop will be conveyed via an U3 stick with antivirus and physical write protection switch. Many backups of encrypted files containing the private keys exist in different physical locations. A number of printed out back ups of the keys also exist in secure places.

Petty cash addresses with small amounts exist to cover daily expenses. They are topped up from time to time from the main account.

In other words: Your funds are kept save with great effort! Cold storage and up to date software ensures the maximum amount of security possible.

If you have a question or an idea how to improve, please let us know in the forums or write us directly to: info@bitcointhedocumentary.org

How can I contribute?

If you are a sponsor, please consider a sponsorship.

If you are a supporter that likes what we do, please let us know what you feel!
You can log in the forum section and give us some ideas or discuss open points to make the project better.

If you are literate in web design, movie editing, screen design or have your own film clips, you can certainly help us make this project awesome! Just have a look in the forum for what kind of things are needed or drop us a line and let us know, what you would like to do.

(Also consider a little donation♥)

How can I donate?

Please visit our Doantion page and learn more about the awesome gifts we have in store for our supporters!
To make a donation please follow the instructions on the site and watch the Donation counter go up.

How long is “feature lenght”?

  Feature length is motion picture terminology referring to the length of a feature film. According to the rules of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a feature length motion picture must have a running time of more than 40 minutes to be eligible for an Academy Award.[1]

see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feature_length

How much money do you need?

To make this movie as awesome as it can get, we need to collect about 10.000 EUR or 13.000 USD in BTC.

With this money we can traveler to conferences, developers, entrepreneurs and miners all over the world!

If we get less then that, the movie will still be cool, but not as many interesting people and places will be in it, so yeah, if this

documentation shall reflect the international concentrated power of the Bitcoin project, we need to raise those funds!

>>> Donate <<<

I know someone you NEED to include in the movie!

Really? Let us know!

It will certainly help if this person already knows about Bitcoin and maybe about this project. In any case it sounds like worth a try! Get in touch with us or have a look in the forum section where a list of interesting people already exists and discuss with the community.

If you would like to discuss with us personally, drop us a line: info@bitcointhedocumentary.org

What happens with the money left over?

If there will be any funds left over after the project is finished, the final movie produced, all DVDs and Thank-You gifts made and shipped, all festivals applied to and all television networks  mailed, all open positions cleared and accounted for, then eventually left over funds will be distributed among the makers of this movie and/or towards the next project, possibly a mixture between those two. A corresponding agreement will be published in time.

Who are you?

We are 5 German Media students determined to produce the first feature lenght documentary on Bitcoin



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